Mr. Canek



I am Masayuki Kanatani, the proud founder of EL Canek, a denim brand born out of a profound desire to foster individuality and attachment through jeans and indigo clothes. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been deeply committed to respecting the tradition of denim-making while designing high-quality denim products compatible with modern lifestyles.

The journey to crafting the jeans we offer today at EL Canek was not an easy one. It demanded more than two decades of meticulous study and countless iterations. As the CEO of EL Canek, I personally design and handcraft each item with an unwavering commitment to detail and care.

Our collaboration with local Japanese manufacturers under my guidance has resulted in the creation of a variety of items, including jeans, shirts, and jackets. I am personally devoted to ensuring the highest level of quality and perfect fit, refusing to compromise on the final product.

In 2022, we were fortunate enough to open our second store in the scenic Bikan district of Kurashiki, marking the beginning of our international expansion. Our brand, EL Canek, is esteemed for its high-quality denim products, a unique fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern design.

Through EL Canek, it would be our pleasure to propose a lifestyle. Our goal is to cultivate a rich life alongside our customers. This dedication is evident in our detailed product creation and the craftsmanship displayed. We handcraft each item with love, always considering our customers in every step of the process.

I invite you to discover your unique, 'nurturing' jeans through us. We look forward to creating a product that is uniquely yours, one that you can truly call your own.


Masayuki Kanatani 金谷勝之, CEO.