Collabo Linen SH-01

Collabo Linen SH-01

linen fabric shirt collaboration with linen fabric maker "TKD Works" based in Shizuoka

This item is a collaboration with a linen fabric maker based in Shizuoka prefecture. We have been working on this item since last year, and finally we decided to launch the product this April. The fabric has been made from 100% linen. And it has been woven by hand loom and dyed by hand dyeing technique called Shibori. This item is available for both men and women’s sizes.

This item will be available on our website this April 20.


Linen fabric

Linen fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in Japan. It’s lightweight and breathable material that you can wear even during summer time. This linen shirt is made from 100% linen fabric grown and woven in Shizuoka prefecture, which is famous for producing high quality linen fabrics since long time ago.

The shirt has been designed by Masayuki Kanatani who is founder of EL Canek brand, so it has unique design details like asymmetrical front button closure, hidden button holes on sleeves etc… We recommend this item as outerwear piece for summer season because of its lightness, but also it will be perfect inner layer.

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